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Old Vilnius Cafe has opened its doors in 2013 as an addition to Grand Duke's Restaurant then located in Summit, IL. We served homemade Eastern European Cuisine at our Cafe and homemade delicatessen at our Deli.
In 2019 Grand Duke's Restaurant expanded and moved to Downers Grove, directly across the street from Old Vilnius. 

This made us to change and expand our Deli and store while all dining has moved to Grand Duke's Restaurant.

Our deli offers our homemade smoked meats, pastries, cookies, bread, dairy,  big selection of Lithuanian, Polish, Russian imported goods. At our store, you can also find Lithuanian souvenirs - ceramic, amber also books, T-shirts, magazines.

Visit our sister restaurant:

Grand Duke's Restaurant 

980 75th St. Downers Grove, IL 60516

Tel. 708 594 5622

Visit our gaming cafe:

Old Vilnius Gaming (located next door to the Deli)

2601 75th St.

Darien, IL 60561

Tel. 630 324 6811

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